Michel Wattremez - Proust questionnaire

What best defines me        


My favourite writer.

Anna de Noailles (born Ana Bibescu Basarab Brâncoveanu).

  My favourite actress.

    Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet.

    My favourite actor.

  Adrien Brody, Jean Rochefort.

      My favourite film director.

    Alain Resnais.

My favourite film directress.

 Zabou Breitman. 

    My favourite cartoonists.

    Hugo Pratt, Milo Manara, Enki Bilal.

      My favourite singers.

  Russian Red (Spain) 1   2   3    4
 Chris Martin (GB) 1   2   3   4

Victoria Mahu (Moldova), 1   2   3   4   5
     Ștefan Bănică Jr. (Romania)    


My favourite virtue.


    My favourite quality in a man.

    Wisdom and quiet strengh.

      My favourite quality in a woman.

      Courage, intelligence, charm (together if possible).

        What I appreciate the most in my friends.

        Indulgence for my faults.


My main fault.


    My favourite occupation.


      My dream of happiness.

      Living like a French in Spain.

        What would be my greatest infortune?

        Getting bored irreparably.

What I would like to be.

A little bit better than I am currently.

    The country where I would like to live.

    The one where I am living.

      My favourite colour.


        The flower that I like.

        Lily, Rose.

My favourite bird

Tit (mésange, piţigoi)

    My favourite prose authors.

    Currently Marcel Proust and Pierre Loti.

      My favourite poets.

      Paul Eluard, Mihai Eminescu (Romania), Grigore Vieru (Moldova) and Saint-John Perse.


        My heroes in the fiction.

        Icarus between heaven and earth.

My favourite heroines in the fiction.

Yvonne de Galais, Aurore de Nevers.

    My favourite composers.

    Mendelssohn, Mozart, Brahms.

      My favourite painters.

      Corot, Chardin, El Greco.

        My heroes in real life.

        Charles de Gaulle

My heroines in history.

Blanche of Castilla, Anne Frank.

    My favourite names.

    Those of people I love.

        What I hate most of all.


Historical figures that I despise the most.

I am not learned enough.

The military event that I admire most.


The reform which I admire the most.

The fairest reform for the biggest number of people.


My favourite politician.

Maia Sandu (Moldova), Angela Merkel (Germany)

    The gift of nature that I would like to have.

    Climb up a mountain faster than down.

      How I would like to die.

      Like a legend, slowly.

        My present state of mind.

        Patience in the blue.

To what faults do I feel most indulgent?


    My motto.

    Romanian proverb "Omul sfânțește locul" - Man sanctifies the place.


Michel Wattremez after Marcel Proust.